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Welcome at Break The Game!

This website aims to collect and categorize every video game records, ever.

How does this work?

Anyone can hold a record on here. All you need to do, is to find a record already existing and break it, or to establish a new one.

We want to make this encyclopedia as specific as possible. Whenever you change a parameter in the game (character, items, etc.), a new record should be created.

Break a record

  • Browse records
  • Find a record you can break
  • Capture a video of yourself breaking it
  • Upload it on YouTube
  • Add yourself at the right place

Establish a new record

  • Find a game you love
  • Think of a record to establish
  • Browse records to make sure it doesn't already exist here
  • Capture a video of the said record
  • Upload it on YouTube
  • Tell an admin (only admins are allowed to create new pages)